DIY Serving Tray

Create a truly unique piece of entertaining décor–a highly functional wood and leather serving tray. Part coaster, part plate, all class.

Our Tip: For projects that will be exposed to moisture, use a waterproof, multipurpose adhesive. In this case, opt for one that works well on both leather and wood.

Anyone who walks around a party with food and drink in your hand can understand how awkward it is to free up a hand to greet someone. This project is designed to help solve that problem—at least for those who are drinking beer from a bottle.

There’s nothing more annoying than a squeaky, wobbly kitchen chair. Discover a quick fix below and stop the annoyance once and for all. Our Tip: If the joints fit tightly, use Gorilla Glue. If any gaps are present, we recommend using Gorilla Epoxy, since it has gap-filling properties. Wooden kitchen chairs stand up to a […]

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Are you looking to update the countertops in your kitchen? You won’t believe the before and after photos in the article below! Turn drab countertops into attractive butcher block counters with step-by-step photo instructions. Our Tip: Avoid using wood glue in this project since the wood used is so absorbent. Stick to the author’s recommendation […]

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It happens all the time. Your favorite mug breaks, and it often goes into the trash. Avoid saying goodbye to a favorite, and fix it with a few easy instructions. Our Tip: The article below recommends super glue, but we suggest trying Gorilla Glue, since it’s waterproof and temperature resistant. Any of your beautiful, handmade […]

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