Duct tape is a versatile, handy tool to keep on hand because it’s tough and offers an extra-strong hold. And the unique uses? They’re boundless! It’s been used for everything from crafting projects to fixing a leaky boat.

Our Tip: Duct tape is not always the stickiest, strongest option during the cold winter months where temperature and moisture are factors. We recommend using a stronger adhesive tape for things like waterproofing shoes, protecting windows during storms and patching ripped snow pants. Discover more about these quick fixes, plus even more handy ways to hack with tape in the article below.


Waterproof your shoes, protect flooring from furniture, remove pet hair and more. Is there anything duct tape can’t do?

You’re busy preparing for upcoming holidays, so time is of the essence, and sometimes small tasks like readying your home for the cold weather are easy to forget. Look no further! Simple tasks like opening the curtains during sunny days will keep your home warmer during the day. Our Tip: When sealing drafty windows with […]

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It’s never too late to store summer gear, even if winter has already started (though it’s best to get a jumpstart as soon as possible). Find easy ways to clean and pack up summer items like sports and play equipment, outdoor furniture, garden tools and grills.Our Tip: Repair broken or cracked items easily! Use Gorilla […]

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Winterizing a garden is an important task if you want to ensure that some plants come back the next season and some materials don’t break due to expanding and contracting because of drastic temperature changes. Our Tip: Purchase paper tree wrap from your local hardware store, and secure it around sensitive tree bark with a […]

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