How to Tape Clamp a Box

Not everyone has a professional clamp for every project. That’s when packing tape comes in handy! Amateur and professional woodworkers rely on tape to accomplish a variety of tasks—in this case, clamping a mitered box in place while the glue dries.

Our Tip: Go beyond the common uses of packing and shipping tape! Utilize a wide strip of tape as an extra set of hands to help hold things in place. Anyone who watched the TV show, “The A-Team,” knows exactly what we’re talking about.

Use packing tape to clamp a small mitered box.

As you’re putting away holiday wrapping paper and embellishments, take the opportunity to keep spools of ribbon organized. The best part? You can have this quick tool ready in three steps. Our Tip: For the nails that won’t stand up on their own while the glue is drying, place something heavy on each edge of […]

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